Business & Commercial Litigation

Whipple Law Office, LLC represents business owners and individuals in a wide variety of disputes including: breaches of contract; shareholder / member / partner disputes; business "divorces"; commercial matters; interference with business relations; breaches of fiduciary duties; breaches of duty of loyalty; and more.

Examples of Cases

  • Prosecution of claims relating to an improperly manufactured component of an ethanol plant;
  • Defended partnership against claim for capital account;
  • Represent member involving claims among members of a limited liability company;
  • Prosecution of breach of promissory note;
  • Prosecution of claims for breach of management agreement;
  • Defend assignor against claim for alleged breach of assignment of purchase and sale agreement;
  • Defend against claim of shareholder liability;
  • Both defend and prosecute claims for alleged breach of distribution agreement;
  • Defend breach of contract based on plaintiff’s failure to provide goods as specified in the contract;
  • Defend against claim for alleged violation of Oregon mortgage laws;
  • Represent managing member in efforts to collect capital from LLC members;
  • Represent lenders in workout of borrower in receivership;
  • Prosecute claims for violation of partnership agreement;
  • Defend guarantors in action brought by lender;
  • Prosecution of claims related to security agreements;
  • Defend against constitutional claims relating to government body’s termination of contract; and
  • Prosecution of claim for client’s failure to pay fees.